Monday, November 7, 2011

One Month DTE!

Today marks one month checked off of our official wait time for this adoption! We now have 9 – 15 months remaining until we should expect a referral. Keep the calendar rolling…

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Practice Makes...Better

Jonathan and I got to keep our youngest nephew, Bode, at our house this past weekend. He is eleven months old and we were not quite sure how it would go since he does not see us too often (he lives in the Indianapolis area). It went very well, though! He is a very content little boy and seemed to enjoy his time here with us.
We made a point to get out and do a few things with him (i.e. grocery shop) so we could experience how doing some of our typical weekend ‘chores’ will change with a little one in tow. It was good practice, but he set the bar pretty high for our little one : ) We did learn several things though…
·         When feeding a baby, watch where his hands are or you may end up with squash in your eye! 
·         Wipes are a parent’s best friend.
·         Why bother buying baby toys when you have a set of coasters?
·         Babies eat a lot!
·         Kizzie does not like people no matter how cute they are (okay, so this wasn’t a new lesson)!
·         Even adults can enjoy a two hour nap on a Sunday afternoon!
Thanks, again, Brian & Sarah for letting us share this time with Bode! He is a very special little boy and we had a wonderful weekend with him : )